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No matter the size of your gym, anyone can be intimidated by the equipment and weights lying around, never mind that someone may be lifting more than you weigh. At Phit -As- U, we will help you reach your goal while transforming the gym from a place of intimidation to a place of accomplishment. If you live in the general area of Winter Park and surroundings area and interested in experiencing fulfilment or want to maximise your gym experience, please contact us at +14077292675.

A Professional Team of Trainers

Our personal trainers are certified professionals and are readily available to get you to your fitness goals. Your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why we can help you customize your dietary habits and lifestyle activities with eating patterns and exercises that can keep up with your new fitness goals. New to fitness training? No worries – our trainers are used to working with all skill levels, so you have nothing to worry about. And that’s before we mention the wide range of workout programs you can fit right into your schedule.


From the big machines to dumbells, knowing how to utilise them for the maximum result can be confusing for fitness enthusiasts, no matter their level. We are also aware that not everyone has access to the same equipment, and therefore aim to make your online PT experience something you can tailor to your surroundings. Whether you are in a fully-equipped gym or in your living room, we strive to give you the same experience.

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60 min sessions


60 minutes Training session with Trainer one on one.



60 mins Training session with Trainer as a couple or two individuals 

Meal Plans


Meal planning sessions along with daily, weekly or monthly meal list.

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